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Classes & Sessions

Oracle Pegasus™ Reading and Transmission Session
As Oracle Pegasus, Luma Lor channels universal guidance for spiritual and soulful growth including answering specific questions or giving pertinent advice for the highest good of the seeker. Beneficial and healing energies are transmitted through out the session. Click here to learn more or to schedule your Oracle Session.

Starfire Breath™ Sessions
(see below)
A powerful experience on how to reconnect with your true self by specific breath technic in synchronization with specific music. Private sessions, classes and group experience. Offered indoors and out in nature.

Golden Voice™ Sessions (see below)
Unleash your voice! The human voice is powerful, whether speaking, singing or just humming. The vibrations that emanate are a creative force. Private Sessions or Group Classes

Workshops and Programs Starfire Wisdom Techniques, Energetic Clearing, Activation and Maintenance, Tapping Your Intuition, It's Nappy Hour™: how to power nap in 20 minutes, Sacred Friendship™, Sacred Release and Sacred Closure™, C-3 Beyond Cord Cutting™

Starfire Wisdom School. We offer a trimester-by-trimester curriculum giving the student a chance to learn the energetic tools, practice and integrate with direct coaching. This includes spiritual counseling, oracular reading sessions, guided energetic work and breath work, vocal training for harmonic resonance, customized assignments fitting each participants level and intentions and more. We offer a complimentary 30-minute phone call, Skype or FaceTime conversation to share what could work for you.

(Private or Group)

Starfire Breath™: A powerful experience to reconnect with your true nature through specific guided breath technic in synchronization with music.

Merge your spirit consciousness with the Divine Starfire Spark in your body. This is a Sacred Union that Luma Lor will guide you through.

This is more than just breathing, this system combines four unique powerful aspects:

  1. Deep circular breathing patterns
  2. Flexing certain muscle groups – PC muscle
  3. Visualizing a specifically guided circuit of energy flow through the chakra systems to ignite new energy into the body
  4. Specifically chosen high vibrational music played to maximize the experience.

The result: igniting your own inner StarFire energy and delivering it deeply to all parts of your physical body and other subtle bodies. Quiet mind, peace, spiritual insights, passion for life, relaxed, healing and vibrant physical energy.

Ignite your inner Starfire power through this unique empowering breath technique. Fan your life spark into a roaring FLAME and deliver it deeply to all parts of your physical, emotional, mental and spirit bodies.

Infuse your body with this combustion of light called “Starfire” and it becomes a temple. Through this empowering breath technic you activate ignition of this element of light within your Body Temple and amplify it, therefore becoming the beacon of your Own Truth.

Immerse yourself in specifically chosen high vibrational music played to activate and enhance the experience of Starfire. You can continue practicing on your own to maintain these energies after the class.

  • Deep relaxation and stress relief
  • Energize, rejuvenate and FEEL GREAT!
  • Deep tissue oxygenation
  • Release non-productive beliefs and patterns
  • Inner clarity and SELF empowerment
  • Get your PASSION BACK!
  • Balance masculine and feminine aspects
  • Joy, Bliss & Peace of Mind
  • Take home a new technic for practicing self love and nurturing!

With 30 years of mastery and experience Luma is renowned for creating a safe space while teaching and guiding each participant into maximum benefits. Experience this enlivening phenomenon through a group class or a private session. Private sessions allow for deep personal focus on specific issues while group classes are enhanced by the group’s dynamic synergy. You can continue practicing on your own to maintain these energies afterwards.

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Workshop Golden Voice:
Unleash your authentic voice

The human voice is powerful, whether speaking, singing or just humming. The vibrations that emanate are a creative force. Whether in a private session or group class, learn through direct coaching how to unlock your power through your consciousness, through toning, singing and being in direct connection with your body, your subtle bodies and your inner light.

Many people are terrified of speaking in front of people, let alone singing! This is very common and yet I've discovered most people are craving to express themselves through their authentic voice. I coach you to find your truly unique and authentic voice - the one that only you have! Then the world you create from there is yours. It's thrilling, satisfying and eye-opening! Oh yeah, and did I say FUN!!!?

Also experience opening your throat chakra and releasing any old beliefs and restrictive imprints associated with your voice, particularly at earlier ages. Sing for yourself and get to know your SELF.

- Luma Lor

For info or to schedule your one hour appointment to begin opening and strengthening your Vocal Power and Beauty, please email