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Oracle Pegasus

Luma Lor - Spiritiual Intuitive and Coach

Spiritual Readings and Healing Transmissions
My oracular name is Oracle Pegasus because I receive an image of a flying horse, Pegasus, in my inner eye to indicate that the incoming transmission or message is of integrity. Although I’ve been psychic and intuitive since a young child, my formal oracular service with Pegasus began in 2010 through spontaneous recognition from my Higher Consciousness and spirit guides of my connection to the Delphic Oracle lineage. Ever since, I have been in service diligently helping many people seeking spiritual guidance through readings, downloads and healing transmissions. - Luma Lor

As Oracle Pegasus, Luma uses her intuitive mastery to tap into the universal matrix for trustworthy guidance and loving intelligence for the highest benefit of her clients seeking spiritual and everyday support. Her one-hour sessions include channeled transmissions of energetic fidelity that benefit all who receive a session. Her sessions also include dialogue with the seeker where questions can be asked and answered. Luma also includes a unique follow up phone call within 3 to 10 days to insure optimal benefits, which her clients really appreciate.

Through oracular transmission as Oracle Pegasus, Luma co-authored an enlightened codex of wisdom tools for today's world called Starfire Wisdom: The Adamantine Tablets of Diamond Consciousness Teachings. This gorgeous 42-chapter book was transmitted from “The Guardians”, a cosmic group of intelligent kindness and light serving humanity on Earth. Get your copy!

Oracle, Spiritual Coach, Group Facilitator, Author & Composer
Luma has been facilitating transformational workshops, classes and private sessions since 1993. She has been a popular speaker and group facilitator at the Whole Life Expo and around the world opening ceremonies for International Day of Peace in Denver and Yoga Festivals and retreats centers in Boulder, CO, Dallas, TX, Hawaii, Idaho, Los Angeles, Mount Shasta, CA, Appalachia Mountains and Arizona. She has decades of Native American ceremonial mentoring (she is part Cherokee) from Lakota, Blackfeet, Deertribe Metis Medicine Society, and Toltec and earned the honor to carry those teachings. In 1996 she studied in India with her teacher, Self-realized master ‘Papaji' (direct disciple of Sri Ramana Maharshi) and had a spontaneous awakening through Self-Inquiry. As an alchemist she now merges the East and West master lineages to best guide clients into Higher Self Awareness. “Walk in Beauty” is her creed. Her laughter is contagious and humor is a big part of her coaching.

For over 25 years she has been addressing audiences from small groups to over 2,000 people and has led many groups through profound transformational experiences with her unique talents.

She is also an award-winning composer having won “Best Film Score Music” along with her musical partner, Ocean Summer, at the International Moondance Film Festival which promotes non-violence and women’s empowerment in films of which Luma is a strong advocate. She also composed, co-produced and musically directed the critically acclaimed rock opera musical “Woman of Light” about Mary Magdalene and the Divine Feminine Principle which ran in Denver and London to standing ovations.

The Starfire Breath™
Since 1995 Luma has facilitated group and private breath sessions to release blocked energy and bring life-force into one's body to merge spiritual consciousness with physical wellness and open-loving hearts. She has developed her own platform of breath experience called "The Starfire Breath" where she facilitates groups or individuals to activate their life-force and self-awareness while also learning the technique for their own maintenance and nurturing.

We are excited to announce our first Starfire Wisdom book is published and is available here. Join our mailing list to be sure you know about our book-signing events and upcoming workshops.

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We are excited to announce to all of you who have been patiently waiting, our new book is launched in magical, stargazing Tucson, Arizona! It is available in a beautiful softcover print as well as a downloadable digital version. GET YOUR COPY!

Through oracular transmission as Oracle Pegasus, Luma co-authored this enlightened codex in conjunction with a Council of Light group consciousness called "The Guardians".

We are all in the midst of a huge evolutionary leap. To insure this successful transition for humanity this book was created full of vital insights, new cosmic information and tools for traversing these unprecedented times. You will learn how to attain Diamond Consciousness – by taking advantage of what seems like intense global changes and chaos and pulling back the veil of illusion and seeing the opportunity it really is for humanity to wake up and shine.

Similar to many ancient wisdom lineages and their teachings to “Know Thyself”, this book has a new cosmic perspective with modern tools and relatable examples vital for today’s world.
– Luma Lor