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Luma talks at United Fellowship Chapel "Abundance: Giving/Receiving"

November 17, 2019

Luma shares the power of the Wheel of Abundance and the necessary polarities of giving AND receiving. When one or the other is activated the other is automatically put into motion as well.

UFC 'First' Starfire Wisdom Teachings and Book Signing

Celebrating a glorious and successful first group class in Tucson of the Starfire Wisdom Teachings. The United Fellowship Chapel hosted this event where I was honored to present the Starfire Wisdom: The Adamantine Tablets of Diamond Consciousness Teachings book. It was a joy to feel the presence of the 'Guardians' of this book show up and guide the event, which included explaining the source of its design, how to use it and reading out loud together. I also guided the group through the 'Psychic Sphere of Protection' exercise that was very well-received. People took turns reading out loud and we discovered as a group the synergy that is created by doing this, as the Guardians of this book had foretold. We had many good laughs and a great time as well as unlocking the power of this codex together and sharing our observations. Thank you to Rev. David Miller for instigating this happening at United Fellowship Chapel and to Angie Riechers for all the organization, support and promotions required to help people get to be a part of this incredible experience.

Bonzai Studio Book Launch

The Official Book Launch takes off in Ajo, AZ Read More…