We are very excited to share that our first Starfire Wisdom book has been finished as a manuscript and is now in the editing and publishing process in magical Tucson, Arizona.

Oracle Pegasus, Luma channeled this enlightened codex of Diamond Consciousness building wisdom called Starfire Wisdom: The Adamantine Tablets of Diamond Consciousness Teachings. This gorgeous 42-chapter book was transmitted from “The Guardians” a cosmic group of intelligent kindness and light serving humanity on Earth.

The Channeling began spontaneously in Redondo Beach and finished in Mount Shasta, California. Luma was recently guided to relocate to Tucson, Arizona her new home where the book will now be published and launched.
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My name is
Luma Lor and I’m very excited to be publishing my first book as Oracle Pegasus called Starfire Wisdom. Starfire Wisdom is full of timely and useful wisdom and easy exercises that are vital to transitioning well through these turbulent times of change.

This book is a necessity for humanity growing into a planetary awareness with everyday practices and perspectives that each of us can easily do.

You really need this book …

If you are feeling angry, powerless or frustrated about the state of affairs on our planet, our environment, social and financial challenges, relationship turmoil and general confusion about the media and internet fidelity, you need this book! It discloses agendas that explain the propagated confusion and what to do about it.

It is also full of exercises to build your sense of empowerment and understand how to cultivate healthy relationships and positive child-raising, including understanding what your teenager is dealing with in today’s world.

This book is a must if you want to know what your Life Purpose is and live it.

It’s vital to read this book to reclaim your mental power back from rampant mind control and advertisement bombardments harnessing your creative powers and emotional impulses.

If you are strongly desiring to develop your telepathic and intuitive skills you will learn how to do so here.

If you know you need to forgive and have heard that over and over but don’t know how to do that, you will get several versions of step-by-step guidance in the Act of Forgiveness exercise.

This book uses the analogy of ‘becoming the diamond’ in our consciousness by using the pressures and intensities of these changing times to look within and Know Ourselves invincibly - like a diamond, born out of intense heat and pressure to be crystal clear, adamantine (invincible) and beautiful in its ability to refract light. Similar to many ancient wisdom lineages and their teachings to “Know Thyself”, this book has a new cosmic perspective with modern tools and relatable examples for today’s world.

This is the first book in a series of Starfire Wisdom. It is already written: 130,000 words consisting of 42 chapters with 2 pre-chapters explaining how to use this book as a power tool.
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Please support our GoFundMe"Get Starfire Wisdom Book Published" by clicking https://www.gofundme.com/starfirewisdom or on the GoFundMe photo where you can watch our video and learn all about why this book is so important to have right now. Thank you!
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More excerpts to come. Keep posted and stay tuned! Thank you.