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STARFIRE WISDOM: The Adamantine Tablets of Diamond Consciousness Teachings

STARFIRE WISDOM: The Adamantine Tablets of Diamond Consciousness Teachings

We are very excited to share that our first Starfire Wisdom book has been finished will be available very soon in early 2019 in both a gorgeous softcover print and a downloadable digital version. It will be launched in magical Tucson, Arizona.

Through oracular transmission as Oracle Pegasus, Luma co-authored an enlightened codex of wisdom tools for today's world called Starfire Wisdom: The Adamantine Tablets of Diamond Consciousness Teachings. This gorgeous 42-chapter book was transmitted from “The Guardians”, a cosmic group of intelligent kindness and light serving humanity on Earth.

The spontaneous transmissions began in Redondo Beach and finished in Mount Shasta, California. Luma was recently guided to relocate to Tucson, Arizona her new home where the book will now be published and launched.

This book uses the analogy of ‘becoming the diamond’ in our consciousness by using the pressures and intensities of these changing times to look within and Know Ourselves invincibly - like a diamond, born out of intense heat and pressure to be crystal clear, adamantine (invincible) and beautiful in its ability to refract light.

Similar to many ancient wisdom lineages and their teachings to “Know Thyself”, this book has a new cosmic perspective with modern tools and relatable examples for today’s world.
– Luma Lor

Be kind to your kind.

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Please support our GoFundMe"Get Starfire Wisdom Book Published" by clicking or on the GoFundMe photo where you can watch our video and learn all about why this book is so important to have right now. Thank you!
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More excerpts to come. Keep posted and stay tuned! Thank you.