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Inspirational Author / Oracle / Spiritual Coach

STARFIRE WISDOM™ is a portal of universal ascension and wisdom tools for today's world. You will find authentic guidance for your spiritual path through this powerful and expansive collection of classes, private oracle sessions and transmissions, transformational breathing experiences, vibrational and musical healing techniques, and direct transmissions from multi-dimensional Sources of illuminated consciousness.

Luma Lor is the founder of this rich source of guidance for those seeking support and clarity during these magnificently opportune times of intense growth. She has created several formats to meet the needs of the vast variety of souls coming to her. She serves international private clientele as well as facilitates workshops, retreats and ceremonies for all sorts of events or situations.

Luma is passionate about bringing illuminated kindness to humanity and the earth all her life and has dedicated her psychic talents and mastery to serving as an oracle known as Oracle Pegasus. Through Oracle Pegasus™, sessions and readings are offered privately or in groups to assist seekers to tap into many realms of consciousness and information full of integrity and loving useful answers to expand awareness and embodied love.

Luma channeled the 42-chapter book called, "Starfire Wisdom: the Adamantine Tablets of Diamond Consciousness Teachings" through her oracle persona known as Oracle Pegasus in conjunction with a Council of Light group consciousness called "The Guardians".
As Oracle Pegasus, Luma channeled an enlightened codex of wisdom tools for today's world called Starfire Wisdom: The Adamantine Tablets of Diamond Consciousness Teachings. This gorgeous 42-chapter book was transmitted from “The Guardians” a cosmic group of intelligent kindness and light serving humanity on Earth.

This book uses the analogy of ‘becoming the diamond’ in our consciousness by using the pressures and intensities of these changing times to look within and Know Ourselves invincibly - like a diamond, born out of intense heat and pressure to be crystal clear, adamantine (invincible) and beautiful in its ability to refract light.

Similar to many ancient wisdom lineages and their teachings to “Know Thyself”, this book has a new cosmic perspective with modern tools and relatable examples for today’s world.
– Luma Lor
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We are very excited to share that our first book Starfire Wisdom has been finished as a manuscript and is now in the editing process in magical Tucson, Arizona.

STARFIRE WISDOM is a collection of teachings, exercises and tools for attaining 'diamond' consciousness or, in other words,
invincible self knowledge.

Starfire Wisdom is a cosmic perspective vitally needed to assist humanity outgrowing old ways of thinking, which have created great suffering, and evolve gracefully into our destined Garden of Peace and Beauty. This powerful collection of teachings, wisdom tools and exercises are vital to transitioning through these turbulent times of change. Through repeated self inquiry you are guided into Self Knowledge until that becomes adamantine (invincible) or what we term ‘Diamond Consciousness’.

We use the analogy of ‘becoming the diamond’ because we can use the pressures and intensities of these changing times to look within and Know Ourselves invincibly - like a diamond, born out of intense heat and pressure to be crystal clear, adamantine (invincible) and beautiful in its ability to refract light.

We are passionate and dedicated to making a positive difference in this world so we have created this forum of teachings, classes, private sessions, our new book and more for you to learn self-empowerment tools and perspectives to assist you wherever you may be in your growth cycle of consciousness.

A spark of consciousness is the beginning – or the seed – to any form of life. You carry this seed, the Starfire spark. Come fan it into a brilliant flame through the Starfire Wisdom™ Teachings.

We offer group classes, workshops, private sessions, online curriculum, books and music.

Oracle Pegasus™ Reading and Transmission Session
As Oracle Pegasus, Luma Lor channels universal guidance for spiritual and soulful growth including answering specific questions or giving pertinent advice for the highest good of the seeker. Beneficial and healing energies are transmitted through out the session. Click here to schedule your Oracle Session.

Starfire Breath™ Sessions
A powerful experience on how to reconnect with your true self by specific breath technic in synchronization with music. Private Sessions or Group Classes

Golden Voice™ Sessions
Unleash your voice! The human voice is powerful, whether speaking, singing or just humming. The vibrations that emanate are a creative force. Private Sessions or Group Classes

Workshops and Programs Starfire Wisdom Techniques, Energetic Clearing, Activation and Maintenance, Tapping Your Intuition, It's Nappy Hour™: how to power nap in 20 minutes, Sacred Friendship™, Sacred Release and Sacred Closure™, C-3 Beyond Cord Cutting™

Starfire Wisdom School We offer a trimester-by-trimester curriculum giving the student a chance to learn the energetic tools, practice and integrate with direct coaching. This includes spiritual counseling, oracular reading sessions, guided energetic work and breath work, vocal training for harmonic resonance, customized assignments fitting each participants level and intentions and more. We offer a complimentary 30-minute phone call, Skype or FaceTime conversation to share what could work for you.
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